Debt Collection and Management of Receivables

Mališ Nevrkla Legal believes that a proactive approach towards collecting debts and managing receivables is the basis for success in this area. In particular, this approach includes the following legal services:

  • negotiations with debtors on overdue debts (reminder letters, the acknowledgement of debts, agreements on repayment schedules, settlement agreements);
  • legal actions preventing the deterioration of the creditor's legal position and the recoverability of his receivables;
  • recovering debts through the court and subsequent enforcement proceedings, cooperating with private debt collectors (identifying and freezing debtors' assets, selecting the best way to enforce a ruling);
  • preparing security instruments (e.g. mortgage contracts, guarantees, bills of exchange given as security, contractual penalties, notarial deeds and deeds drawn up by debt collectors);
  • advising on legal transactions with receivables (the cession of receivables, setting off receivables, pledging receivables, sale and capitalization of receivables);
  • representing creditors in insolvency proceedings (petitions for bankruptcy orders, filing claims for receivables and incidental lawsuits).