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Remuneration for Legal Services

Among other things, the Czech Bar Association's Code of Conduct prevents attorneys from providing the general public with information on prices (remuneration) for their services. This information can only be conveyed to both previous and current clients as well as to those who specifically ask for it. The Code of Conduct merely stipulates that contractual remuneration for attorneys must be "adequate."

In particular, the following factors are taken into consideration while assessing the adequacy of remuneration:

  • the bargaining power and negotiating options of the attorney and client;
  • the scope of the client's information about the situation on the legal services market;
  • the special knowledge, experience, reputation and skills of the attorney;
  • the nature and duration of the relations between the attorney and client during the provision of legal services;
  • the time demanded by the client for the settlement of the case;
  • the difficulty and novelty of factual and legal issues connected with the case;
  • the probability that the attorney must refuse to accept other work as a consequence of taking on the client's case.

For the aforementioned reasons, only the individual types of remuneration that are used for calculating a price for the services provided are described below.

Setting the specific type and level of remuneration, however, is always a matter of individual agreement between the law firm and the client, while taking account of the factors mentioned above.