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Our Team

Every firm is only as good as its employees... Our team consists of high-quality, qualified lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience gleaned inter alia from international law firms and studies abroad.

Among other things, a good attorney:

  • devotes himself systematically to constantly improving his professional qualifications;
  • thoroughly analyses each issue in their wider context when handling legal cases and also considers them in terms of all legal aspects that come under consideration;
  • does not promise guaranteed results but does his utmost to ensure that the final outcome is as favorable as possible for the client;
  • puts the client's legitimate interests ahead of his own;
  • keeps the client properly informed about how his case is proceeding;
  • does not indicate to a client that other clients are more important or financially more appealing than he is;
  • does not necessarily have a high media profile;
  • if he says that he is also able to provide legal services in a foreign language, then he has a professional command of this language;
  • establishes cooperation with the client on the basis of complete mutual trust and no conflict of interest.