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We are pleased to inform you that Mališ Nevrkla Legal changed its seat and now operates at new offices. Since F...
Protection of proprietary rights versus public interest in general usage of service road. The criteria def...
On the occasion of Pragodent, the international dental fair, Daniel Mališ gave a presentation at a seminar...


Jan Pořízek for

Jan Pořízek's article on relation between liability for damage and unjust enrichment reflecting recent judgment of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic. For more details (in Czech only) please see here.

Two new partners of AK Mališ Nevrkla Legal appointed

For more information regarding the appointment please see our press release here.

Luboš Nevrkla for

Luboš Nevrkla's article on conditions for creation of co-ownership to business share in a limited liability company for, an online journal focused on law. For more details (in Czech) please see here.

Luboš Nevrkla for Právo & Byznys

Luboš Nevrkla's article on introduction of mandatory entrance medical examinations in relation to contracts for performance of work, in Právo & Byznys. For more details please see here.

Daniel Thelen for Právo & Byznys

Daniel Thelen's article on the most important changes resulting from recent amendment to the act on arbitration proceedings applying to consumer agreements and arbitrators in Právo & Byznys, a monthly legal journal. For more details please see here.

Daniel Mališ for Euro

Daniel Mališ's article regarding liability of bankruptcy creditors for legitimacy of filed claims and relating risks published in Euro, a weekly economic journal. For more details please see here.

Joggers and the Law: Don't Forget the Rules;

When you are out jogging, you must respect the rules of the road. Extraordinary things can happen while you are out running, either as a result of your own actions or because of someone else. The attorney Daniel Mališ, who is himself a regular jogger, can advise you on how to deal with these situations. Click here for more information.